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When a subquery statement does not start with any of the existing query keywords, but with an expression: add a WHERE statement.

This is the last reductions of the original query, from here on the examples increase the complexity of the statement. Technically we could continue and remove even the () brackets, but I think this would made the risk of wrong interpretations too high. (Also it is not that simple to implement in the current transformer.)

No where keyword

Is the current short notation understandable? I do think so. First take the traditional row filter statement:

"show the sales of apples"

Compare this to the description of the current query:

"show the sales of departments selling apples"

The difference between these two natural language queries is two words; the same as the number of words that make the difference between the current SQL version and the Else Logic version.

We have shortened the original query by removing the extra mention of SELECT Department FROM SalesOverview WHERE.

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