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Welcome to Else Logic

This site explains Else Logic and allows you to experiment with Else Logic SQL examples and generate SQL that will run on most SQL servers.

New to Else Logic?

The second tutorial is still a work in process - the transformations work, but explaining them takes time. Also I am working on a PDF manual containing the gritty details and a second video introduction for the outer joins.

On the other hand the more experienced can start using the SQL Generator page right now!

There is also information on the transformation method available, but if you are really interested in that topic you will have to use the contact page.


4 September 2009

Outer Join Tutorial

Though I still want to extend it, I finished the core of the outer join tutorial.
2 September 2009

Else Logic Video Tutorial

I made a video tutorial / introduction. I will redo it when my voice is slightly better, but hey, it works!
27 August 2009

Else Logic Tutorial Finished

Finished the first tutorial.
21 August 2009

Site launched

This site is finally working and on the air. Development continues, but please go ahead and try the site.
10 August 2009

Generator finished

The SQL Generator is finished! We can now perform the required SQL generations.

To do

This site is still partly under construction. This is an overview of what you should not look at or is not there, but can expect in the near future, in order of completion.

Outer Join Video

Actually I want to retake the first video aas well when my voice is slightly better.

Multi column and function support

Currently missing select statements are only filled correctly when using single column subqueries. The same goes for the join statements.

The manual

The current manual is just a PDF introduction. Expect a real manual once the site is finished.
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